Basic Information

Hello and welcome to the home of the Web Wordsmith. My name is Tyler and I’m a United States college student who is putting together a career in the field of web content.

I charge $2 per 100 words of magnificent magazine quality content. Email me at for more information or to place an order.


What I Can Do For You

I love writing for internet marketers and SEOs because I know how to manipulate keywords using LSI, how to keep readers interested in the topic and how to sell, sell, sell. I can make your customers look at your product like a drowning man looks at a flotation device or Hugh Hefner looks at Viagra. But not only can I sell, but I can write entertaining posts, informational guides and humorous features. Whatever you want, I can write it. You just give me the keywords, the target audience and your vision and I’ll create it.

As a writer, I can obviously help you create awesome content  that will satisfy the content-oriented Panda updates, but I also do intensive LSI that works in a post-penguin world. There is no more nailing straggler keywords like “electric music” instead of “electronic music”, Google is getting better every day at clustering related and suggested keywords together. You just give me the keyword and I will sprinkle the best related keywords into your posts and pages, all you have to do is diversify the anchor text around those KWs and Google will love you. I can do intensive keyword research using SEOcockpit and backlink research if you require (just ask) and I can find low competition/high volume searches to write about. 

Writing for the 21st Century Web

My grandfather obtains information by opening up a newspaper and reading the articles that are fed to him by the writers and editors, and he reads them all the way through. Readers on the web are nothing like this, they are a new breed of consumer and none are the same. Some want information. Some want answers to specific questions. Some want to be entertained. Your site must not only prove itself to each of these visitors, but also the different types of readers. Your content has to feed to the reading style of the skimmer, of the thorough readers and of the visual surfer.

My content will be set up how you want it, it will either give information, sell a product or entertain. That’s a given and any content writer should do this. But I will also write for all three reader types. I will put bold, specific headers that can point the skimmer to the section they are looking for. I will write the entire article in an entertaining and information manner so those that read the entire post/page are satisfied. And, if I am actually creating the layout of the post, I will include great photographs, infographics and quotes that will keep those non-readers on your site.

This is the 21st century, no one is the same and web readers have never been more knowledgeable or different. I will write for all of them without sacrificing the purpose of your content.


Types of Content Keywords

Profit – These are the obvious keywords. If you want me to write about a profit keyword, I will sell the hell out of your product. I will write a great review that isn’t too obviously biased. I will testify about the product and make it seem like I was surprised at how great it was and how it changed my life. Anyone visiting your site off a keyword that includes words like “best”, “review”, “comparison”, or “buy” is right on the brink of buying, and I’ll get them there.

Pivot – Pivot keywords are great tools that can generate a lot of sales. Say you are promoting “Product A”. Well if someone searches for “Product A”, than obviously that is a profit keyword. But what about a search for the inferior “Product B”? I will write a post that talks about the pitfalls of “Product B” and why “Product A” is a much better option. I won’t blast the hell out of the other product, but I will be very convincing and provide valuable information that leads visitors toward the better product.

Information- These keywords won’t sell, but they are still super important. These keywords are based solely on a need for information, and they are searched the most. Using the “Product A” example above, let’s say someone search for “Dangers of Product A”. They are obviously not about to be buying the product, but they are certainly interested and in the beginning stages of the purchasing cycle. Informational content is probably 85% of the web. This content is the bread and butter of your site. It brings traffic, provides your site with pages of content that G likes, it builds trust with consumers and it provides high value information. Campaigns fail when they go cheap on the informational content, let me provoke and inform the readers and you will have them opting in, coming back and most likely using your site when they do decide to purchase.



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